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Navigating the recruiting process of collegiate athletics

Playing a sport in college is an amazing experience but getting recruited can be a difficult road to navigate. Do you feel like the path isn’t clear or when you ask questions you’re not getting straight answers? You’re not wrong.  I was exactly where you are, frustrated, scared, and upset that I couldn’t find anyone to show me what I needed to do before it was too late.  I know this entire process more extensively than most recruiting services because I have the athlete’s perspective, the coach’s perspective, and I am not limited by NCAA rules. 

Who’s behind Kinsella Connections?

Get to know me and why I started Kinsella Connections.

What are my

Let’s look at how many spots there are available at each collegiate level. 

What are people saying?

Hear from former clients all around the country.


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Kinsella Connections gave my wife and I great advice during their introductory seminar at the LimeLight Showcase in Philadelphia. Our girls are in 8th grade and we had no idea how early the process started and what we needed to be aware of. It was very eye opening.

James R. parent of 2019 athletes Philadelphia, PA January 20, 2016

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