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Navigating the recruiting process of collegiate athletics

Services and Pricing

I offer 12 one-hour seminars covering a variety of topics facing the prospective student-athlete.

Each seminar ends with a question-and-answer segment.

Recruiting 101

Overview of the recruiting process- college research, better market techniques and informed decision making tools.

Recruiting 102

Covers terminology that will help you understand what is going on from the coach’s perspective- rules, myths, and facts about scholarships in each division and the financial puzzle piece.

Academics & Social Media

Overview of the sliding scale of academics with your GPA, SAT and ACT scores, the application and admissions process, and everything you need to know about how social media may affect your chances of recruitment.

Communication 101

When to get started, what to cover in your emails to coaches, and everything you need to know about phone call communication.

Communication 102

Understanding the emails you may be receiving and what it really means, everything regarding unofficial and official visits as well as the negotiation of a scholarship.

The NCAA & the NCAA Eligibility Center

Everything you need to know about your athlete’s eligibility, how prepared you are and recruiting regulations.

Skills Video

Based on your sport, know what really matters in your video, how to give the coaches what they want, and more insider secrets.

Writing an Attention Grabbing Resume

Based on your sport, know everything you need to about writing a more eye catching resume to make coaches more interested in you.

Knowing the Right Questions to Ask and Insider Secrets

Multiple topics are discussed regarding the recruiting process that athletes and their families never thought to think of. These are the questions that only occur to you if the specific situation is happening.This seminar also touches on the right and wrong way of asking any difficult question.

Level of Recruitment

Ever wonder how high on a coach’s list you are? You probably didn’t know that you might already have the tools to figure that out. This seminar explains the five levels of interest and how to know what it looks like.

Differences between playing at the DI, DII & DIII levels

What athletic life is like at every division as well as the mental toughness required for each and why players may quit or be removed from their programs.

Summer Camps and Clinics

Discussion of camps and clinics to help you understand what is important and how to pick the best one for you. Also included are pet peeves from coaches while coaching camps.

Individual Seminar

$100 each
  • For the student-athlete and their family members.
  • Includes 1 seminar.

Seminar Package

$1200 each
  • For the student-athlete and family looking for guidance from start to finish.
  • Includes all 12 seminars and four half-hour consultations.
  • Available for use throughout the athlete’s high school career.

Club Package

$4200 and up
  • For the high school or club team interested in group seminars at a discounted rate.
  • Discounts begin with the six or twelve-seminar packages and vary with the number of attendees.
  • Each package includes a half-hour consultation with each athlete and their family to help them on their individual path.

Individual Skill Sessions or Strength and Conditioning

These sessions are for the athlete who is looking to get a leg up on the competition. Skill sessions are designed for the athlete and a specific skill they are looking to improve. Skill sessions are for field hockey players only.

Strength and Conditioning sessions are for any athlete looking to become stronger and faster in their specific sport. These are tailored to the ability of the athlete and their individual goals.

$120/ea per hour
for 1 athlete

$60/ea per hour
per person 
for 2-3 athletes

$50/ea per hour
per person for 4-6 athletes

Individual Consultation

Price based on services needed.


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I wish Kinsella Connections was around sooner, my son could have benefitted from the information before it was too late. Luckily my other children will benefit from Kim's seminars so they won't miss out on playing their respective sports in college.

Susan V. parent of 2014, 2021 & 2023 athletes St. Louis, MO January 20, 2016

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